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This website presents the process by which to become self-aware.
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Home - Introduction
'Our Spiritual Nutrition' is made up of the thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires we feed ourselves every day:

components of our spiritual nutrition

A healthy spiritual diet enables us to feel joy, love and optimism and frees us to be kind, generous, patient and tolerant not only with others but also with ourselves.

Spiritual malnutrition occurs with chronic negativity. A constant stream of complaining, fear, anger, worry, guilt or resentment is literally spiritual junk food, much like a steady physical diet of potato chips, candy and soda pop.

Spiritual malnutrition prevents lasting fulfillment, happiness, inner calm or peace, satisfaction, success or any other positive results; it will also create many of life's negative life experiences such as addictions, co-dependent relationships, chronic pain and diseases, repeated failures and always feeling like a victim.

What can we do about it?
Since our spiritual nutrition creates our reality, we have the power to change our reality. Refining and reducing our negative thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires enables us to improve our health, our relationships and, ultimately, our lives.

Follow the sections of this website to start changing your life. Start with Section 1 - Becoming spiritually self-aware

Food for thought
Just think of the billions of dollars and vast resources that could be spared, if we were to forgive those who had harmed us. Chronic diseases could be avoided, along with harmful acts done to others caused by our despair, anger or hatred.

We live our reality, so let's make it the best one possible.

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