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This website presents the process by which to become self-aware.
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If you get stuck

Choosing to work on self as described in this site can present difficulties; one of the most challenging can be learning that what we have been taught to believe as truth and what the Universe considers to be truth are often two very different things. Our guides are obliged to go along with our beliefs, so it is very easy to get stuck. If you do, contact the author for assistance

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About the author

While a young child, I became deaf in one ear. The condition was diagnosed as being untreatable and the deafness remained for 35 years. In 1995, a health crisis motivated me to begin meditating, and that's when things started changing - I met a woman who told me that, along with eight energy treatments, restoration of my hearing would be in direct relation to the amount of work I was prepared to do upon myself. The information was taken to heart and work began, both on the ear and on self. About six weeks later, after the full course of energy treatments and much belated grieving, meditation and soul searching, my hearing was fully restored.

Thus my spiritual education began. Through the practice of focused meditation (Section 3), I've learned that the Universal Intelligence hears our thoughts, hopes, desires and fears - and cooperates with them! My deafness began because the Universe cooperated with a deep desire to not hear my parents' constant arguing or my sister's constant chattering. It ended because of an even deeper desire to bring profound change into my life.

Once I began to become "the real me", it was clear that the best thing I could do in this life would be to share everything the Universe has taught me. I know firsthand of several people, besides myself, who have gained profound healing through doing this work. I can only imagine there are others who have done the same, but have not told me about it. One person told me that she and her friends call Section 5 of my website "the Hellish Table", and that if they get sick or suffer injury, they say, "Well, do we dare look?" because they know they may have to confront an uncomfortable Truth. Of course we both laughed when she told me, but it meant a lot to me to know that the Truth shines through, because finding Truth is the path to profound healing (thanks Oksana!)

The main lesson I've learned about healing is that it's information - the truth - that heals the spiritual component of our ills. Medicine, both traditional and non-traditional, and remedies work on the physical, and at this point in human evolution, both are needed. One day that will change though, and chronic diseases will become a distant memory.

Mission statement

Our Spiritual Nutrition presents Universal truth to shed light upon the darkness of false belief systems, so that we may find our personal connection with the Universal Intelligence, thereby gaining self-awareness and inner peace


Our Spiritual Nutrition envisions a day when all humanity works consciously with the Universal Intelligence


There are no fees of any sort and membership is not required to access this website's information. There are no ads, no gimmicks, and no catches. Those wishing to do so may make a donation to their favourite charity or perform community service on behalf of ourspiritualnutrition.com or "Making Change in Our Lives".


  • My daughter and myself always refer to your site as a starting point for any aches or pains as its is always uncannily accurate. Your work is invaluable and highly appreciated; you are providing the world with a wonderful gift - many many thanks.
  • I always go to your website since I found out about it 2 years before... And I recommend to everyone to read your website. I tell them that your website has every single information that one could gather by watching 100 of hrs of spiritual teachers video. Your website is genius creation. I just love it. Heartfelt gratitude to you for passing on the life changing information to people like me through your website.
  • Our Spiritual Nutrition has changed my life! I did the work on the website and boy I tell you finding truth and understanding changes everything. It is an on going process but it is doable and so worth it. All it takes is wanting truth and change.
  • I believe that this information IS universal truth and this knowledge that is being given out is probably the best and most clear cut information I can find anywhere. I am so astonished at this work. Whomever worked on this really took a lot of time and I thank you for everything that I see here.
  • This is one of the best, most concise and accurate pages of information I have found on the internet.
  • Great info, love the site, Many, Many Thanks. Will be returning as needed. looking forward to putting the info into practice!
  • Excellent work........It definitely leads to be a good and healthy human being...
  • The sites content is priceless. I have overcome so many of my bad habits and can have a new outlook on my spirit.
  • Such a useful tool to understand the process of raising consciousness. Thank you so much!!
  • Thank you so much for the information on your site. It is comprehensive and, to me, seems more detailed and perceptive than similar sites that I have visited.
  • What an amazing resource - thank you!!! I have been looking for something like this online (on and off) for years, so happy to have finally found it. I'm a fan of Annette Noontil's book 'The Body is a Barometer of the Soul', but i love how this website takes you through the process and how it links everything together, so the reader can work out for themselves and come to realise where they're stuck. I went on a little journey, reading the various things that related to my physical pain and found what I was looking for :D thank you! you've done amazing work here.
  • Bless you for your intuitions and insights. Your site has helped me cure many long-term ailments, which on their face appeared physical and emotional.
  • Thank you so much, I have been using metaphysical healing since 1991, but was stuck on an issue and this gave me a stepping stone - plus lots of other information that I haven't seen elsewhere - like the individual teeth ideas - brilliant. Thanks.
  • Fantastic site, found answers to a few questions I had and also confirmation of what I have realised myself recently on my spiritual path, thank you :-)
  • I appreciate the metaphysical information you have on your website. It has helped me understand myself and my problems so much better. I actually feel so much better! I use the information with other techniques and help from my spirit guides. Thank you.
  • This site has been very valuable to me over the past few years - both in understanding my own mind/spirit - body connection as well as others'.
  • This website is such an act of love. Many times I have returned to find an answer to a question and feel a sense of relief and compassion.

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