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This website presents the process by which to become spiritually self-aware.
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Section 12 - Special features

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In the future…

The view from above
This feature presents a channelled point of view on various topics. Contact the author to request a topic.

Is there a way to understand what's going on in the world?
(Thanks to AN for this question)

Yes. While there is no easy explanation for what's happening in the world or for humanity and our current spiritual condition, practicing meditation as described in Section 3 and Section 4-1 of my website enables us to get to know ourselves, and to confront our true motivations as well as our flaws. Until we know ourselves, we cannot know others. Until we know others, we cannot understand what's going on in the world. In other words, to understand what's driving people to be so greedy, or mean, or dishonest, or hateful, or any other negative thought pattern, we have to first understand what motivates us personally.

If there were an easy way to do this, it would be plastered all over this website. Since there isn't though, this website shares the process for gaining spiritual enlightenment as taught to me by the universe. If you're interested in following such a path, I will be happy to work with you.

There is a lot of speculation about the reasons for the ancient Egyptians' practice of mummifying their deceased. It was recently revealed to me that the process was invented by a certain priest named "Azarat", who lived approximately 12,500 years ago. He was closely associated with RaTa and Hermes.

RaTa had a keen interest in archaeology. Yes, archaeology was a field of study, even that long ago. RaTa was interested in preserving the DNA of those who would, one day, become the ancient ones. The very concept of this was fascinating to him. Yes, DNA was well understood by these highly spiritually attuned individuals. They had the spiritual wisdom and the technological tools with which to effectively, and humanely, manipulate the DNA of those with physical 'disadvantages' to ease their difficulties.

Azarat, on the other hand, had the highest respect for those who had completed a life cycle, and his aim was to honour their contributions to life, because it was "the right thing to do". It was also important to him that they would have a physical presence beyond their spirit having taken wing.

Mummification achieved both men's goals.

The first mummy was Iso, the daughter of RaTa and Isris. As of this writing, her mummy's location has not been discovered.

This same individual, Azarat, reincarnated during the time of Jesus as Joseph of Arimathea, who would ultimately provide his own personal tomb for Jesus' burial.

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