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Our Spiritual Nutrition
Our Spiritual Nutrition©
To change the negative thoughts holding you back in life, start with the Home page and work through each section.

Section 12 - Passages

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Top reasons to forgive
Top reasons to forgive
November 10, 2023

Forgiveness: The gift we give ourselves so that we can take on the future, free of the past.

Our health will thank us, we’ll feel happy, and our karma will be reduced. Win, win, win!
Haiku 5-7-5  Keep your nose on your face
Haiku 5-7-5 Keep your nose on your face
November 08, 2023

Haiku 5-7-5
The face is the place
for the nose of those who know
when it's not their sphere

How often do we interfere in matters that are simply not our concern, and end up creating issues, not just for us but for those we “thought we were helping”? Far better to ask if they would like our help, or wait to be invited.
Chaos rescue
Chaos rescue
November 02, 2023

Do your thoughts get all jumbled and chaotic if you feel threatened or challenged by someone whose approval you want or need? Such ‘brain freeze’ can be eased by following these steps.

Take a deep breath in through your nostrils and exhale slowly through your mouth as if you were blowing out a candle. Do this a couple of times until you’re able to ...

Focus on your thoughts
Pay attention to your thoughts to see what is triggering your chaos. Is it a fear of saying “No” to someone? Is it fear of abandonment? Or of punishment? Maybe a fear of death and dying, or serious illness?

Seek guidance
Ask your higher power to lead you to a helpful, respectful resolution. Trust that an answer will be given, and pay close attention to your thoughts to hear it. This may take some practice sessions, but once you learn the technique, your self-esteem can soar.
Still alive? Still time to forgive
Still alive? Still time to forgive
October 23, 2023

Everyone talks about forgiving others, yet not not themselves. Forgiving ourselves literally frees us from the past. Not doing so eventually harms our spiritual and physical health, so check out the Forgiveness exercises in Section 9.
Top reasons I feel guilty
Top reasons I feel guilty
October 23, 2023

When we make a mistake, we can just feel guilty about it and use it as an excuse to beat up on ourselves, or as incentive to improve ourselves. What an inspiration we can be for others if we choose the latter.
Top reasons we don't forgive
Top reasons we don't forgive
October 22, 2023

We all have reasons to hold onto old hurts, but that really only hurts ourselves because eventually, our pain manifests as physical illness or injuries in *our* body. Then what?
Your emotions
Your emotions
October 19, 2023

Emotions are a product of our thoughts, so the emotions we feel are nobody’s but our own. Changing our thoughts will change our emotions.
Unhappy people
Unhappy People
October 16, 2023

Nothing can stop those who really want to change themselves.

Nothing can motivate those who do not.

That’s it, that’s the post.
Feelings of power
What gives people feelings of power
October 11, 2023

Toxic family relationships can be the most difficult ones to change. Sometimes they're not 'fixable' though, and we need to just say, "No". Check out Toxic relationships and see the steps we can take to find peace
We are our own worst enemy
We are our own worst enemy
September 03, 2023

We are our own worst enemy, if we think the Universe has it in for us just because we’ve made mistakes. The Universe doesn’t hold grudges against us... karma is not punishment or retribution. Check out What is karma?
How to decide whether to forgive yourself
How to decide whether to forgive yourself
August 15, 2023

Who do we hurt when we hold grudges against ourselves? Ourselves! Instead, let’s use our past mistakes to inform our current choices. Visit Section 6 and check out the spiritual aspect of Forgiveness.
How to decide whether to forgive someone else
How to decide whether to forgive someone else
August 14, 2023

Who is hurt when we don’t forgive? Well, not the other guy for sure. No, we only hurt ourselves by nursing old grudges. Visit Section 6 and check out the spiritual aspect of Forgiveness.
What makes us, us
What makes us, us
July 30, 2023

Ever wondered why we humans are so hard to figure out? Well, if you think of everything that goes into making one of us, it’s no wonder. Not only do we have the physical body to consider, but all of the spiritual components too.
 Karmic debt
Karmic debt
July 24, 2023
The most powerful tool with which to avoid incurring karmic debt is this... Release with love. Whoever it is. Whatever it is.

The most powerful tool with which to reduce karmic debt is this... Forgive. Whoever it is. Whatever it is.
 Lunar eclipse, if Earth were flat?
Lunar eclipse, if Earth were flat?
July 23, 2023

Conspiracy theorists manipulate us into distrusting science and technology, yet use tools created with science and technology to spread their fanciful, despicable tales. They deceive us into distrusting our own senses, so we’ll think it’s fun - and smart! - to defy their (not our) enemies. They want us to feel foolish if we trust anyone but them. And it’s working. Yes folks, we are just that gullible. Galileo must be like SMDH
 Abundance vs. unrecognized beliefs
Abundance vs. unrecognized beliefs
June 17, 2023

To a very large extent, our beliefs determine our successes and failures, as well as the outcomes of our desires.

In this example, the desire is to receive abundance.

The belief statement “Nothing ever works right for me” confirms the underlying, likely unrecognized, belief that “The universe hates me”.

Change your thoughts, and your life will change.
Karma, a poem
Karma (a poem)
April 15, 2023

Ever wondered what the term 'karma' actually means, and the consequences, if any, it holds for us?

Check out What is karma?
World peace
World Peace? Not without inner peace
February 27, 2022

We wish for world peace, without realizing that we ourselves are preventing it with our lack of inner peace. This lack causes turmoil not only for ourselves personally, but, since we are all connected, for the entire planet. Wouldn't it make sense then, for us all to gain inner peace?

Inner peace is a state of consciousness gained through purifying our thoughts via inner child work and spiritual decluttering. These two processes together raise our vibrational frequency, promote the shedding of karma, improve our spiritual and physical health, and enable us to meet our soul's purpose.

Shedding karma
Every time we forgive, or seek understanding, or show mercy, we shed, or clear, karmic debt. Each grudge we nurse and each resentment we hold, earns karmic debt. Karmic debt keeps us locked in the cycle of reincarnation until we voluntarily choose to change.

Changing our negative thought patterns is truly life-altering, and as more and more people do this work, we will see positive changes for the entire planet.
Spiritual self-assessment tool
Spiritual self-assessment tool
February 14, 2022

Our thoughts nourish our spirit, for better or worse, and they determine the course of our life. Use the checklist below to assess your spiritual diet, noting any item that applies to you. If three or more apply, then your spiritual diet may be placing your physical health at risk.

Knowing the thought patterns that apply to us is the starting point, the doorway into learning how our thoughts affect our lives, and this enables us to start resolving the issues most affecting us.

Check out Does it really matter what we think?
Are we on the brink?
Are we on the brink?
February 01, 2022

Lots of talk about the idea that we are living in the End Times. Lots of talk too about humans being on the brink of a leap in evolution. Even more talk about the idea that this leap will somehow miraculously happen after the long-prophesied "Final Battle" of World War III. Many believe that our new technologies will transform us into 'super humans', or that magical powers will suddenly awaken in us. Further, it is said that this change will begin an era of true world peace and with it, the end of human suffering on Planet Earth.

We can start by changing ourselves before we have to. My spiritual decluttering process prepares us for a new way of thinking by changing our old, negative thought patterns. Resolving our painful life experiences enables us to stop rehashing painful events and memories, and free to be alert and in the current moment. This is really important since the Universal representatives who intervene will communicate with us telepathically. How will we be able to hear them clearly if our thoughts are cluttered with old, unresolved issues? We can only hope - and trust - that the many prophecies of intervention will prove accurate. In the meantime though, there are steps we can take to prepare ourselves for what have been described as tumultuous times and changes.
Misconceptions about forgiveness
Misconceptions about forgiveness
January 28, 2022

What forgiveness is not
Forgiveness - the most power tool in our spiritual arsenal. It enables us to release the past, so that we may meet our full potential. Knowing what it is though, needs to be balanced by knowing what forgiveness is not.

It is not a bargaining chip. Using the promise of forgiveness to manipulate others is not forgiveness at all. It is bribery.

One common misconception is that if we forgive someone, they will change their behaviour. Not true. Likewise, many people believe that forgiving someone means that we must allow abusive treatment. Again, not true. Forgiveness does not mean that we must stay in toxic relationships. In such relationships, nobody thrives. Everyone claims everyone else is the problem. Ne one is prepared to let go of their position; no one will apologize and no one will forgive; all think the other guy is infuriatingly stubborn and/or controlling; and, most of all, that they are just plain wrong.
Perhaps the biggest frustration in toxic relationships is that we think will be stuck in them forever - unable to fix them and unable to get out of them without being consumed with guilt, resentment or remorse. We tell ourselves that it would be mean and cruel to leave, so we keep trying to get the other person to change; but of course, nothing works. Since we cannot make anyone else change, or even want to change, clearly, change is up to us.

Forgiveness does not mean repeatedly returning to an abusive relationship to try, try again. God does not condemn us for being wise enough to know when to let go.

Doing the Forgiveness and Self-esteem exercises may not fix a relationship, but they can help us move toward inner peace.
January 06, 2022

The spiritual component of COVID-19 and its variants (and disease in general). is not often considered to be a contributing factor either in the development of the virus itself, or of the fact that it is so highly transmissible.

Where did it come from?
The virus arose from millions upon millions of people feeling trapped in an environment that they know is neither physically nor spiritually healthy, yet that they feel they had no part in creating - the very definition of feeling like a victim. The virus may well have been given a helping hand by humans with nefarious intentions, but those intentions too would have arisen from thought patterns such as fear or greed or revenge.

Other negative thought patterns can arise when we feel like a victim, such as oppositional defiant disorder combined with silent rebellion. These are major factors in people refusing to follow public health guidelines, most especially in refusing to be vaccinated, if for no other reason than to defy and flout advice from authority figures (see contempt, scorn).
Vaccine hesitancy
While some fully-vaccinated people are still getting sick, and yes, dying, the numbers of unvaccinated folks becoming seriously ill and dying are vastly greater than those vaccinated. Protecting ourselves from a potentially deadly virus seems to make much more sense than fearing the government and medicine. Granted, governments and medical scientists are not perfect by any means (like all of us), so it's wise to be cautious about following anyone's orders blindly. As the saying goes, "Trust, but verify". In this case, verify with accredited sources... the same ones you would seek if you or a loved one were to become injured or ill.

Just as we are spiritual beings and subject to spiritual laws, so we are physical beings and subject to physical laws. Failing to care for our physical body places us at risk of injury or illness - after all, we bathe, brush our teeth, wash our clothing, clean our home and refrigerate our food, right? Why then would we risk catching or spreading an extremely contagious disease by refusing to mask up or socially distance or vaccinate, based on a belief that our faith in God protects us? If we know we are infected and choose to ignore public health guidelines, we could cause the illness, suffering and even death of others. If we believe that God will protect us from this virus, I provide the following Bible quote, here taken from Wikipedia:

"Matthew 4:7 is the seventh verse of the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. Satan has transported Jesus to the pinnacle of the Temple of Jerusalem and told Jesus that he should throw himself down as God in Psalm 91 promised that no harm would befall him. In this verse Jesus quotes scripture to rebuff the devil. In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."

For anyone who fears getting the vaccine in case it is seen as a lack of faith or even as a betrayal of God, consider also the story, “I sent you a rowboat”. There are many variations, but the moral is that tempting fate - or Mother Nature - or God - whatever your belief - holds real risk. There are many variations of the story, but this one is quite good.

Now, why trust this particular vaccine? Why not? COVID-19 vaccines are every bit as trustworthy as vaccines for other contagions, and are no less effective than other life-saving vaccines. The vaccines were developed by people who have devoted themselves to serving humanity. Granted, I cannot verify that someone has not figured out a way to inject a tracking device of some sort into COVID-19 vaccines, but logic says that it is highly unlikely. It seems far more likely that crypto currency would suit better as the mark of the beast.

Is it not wise to follow the wisdom and guidance of people who have dedicated their lives to learning about disease? Thanks to these scientists and medical researchers, COVID-19 health guidelines arose. They found ways for us to protect ourselves... masking, hand-washing, social distancing, isolation, testing. (Of course the only way they work is if we use them, and use them as instructed.) The vaccines arose because these dedicated professionals devoted themselves to finding a way to prevent contracting the disease. Is it not wiser to trust those who work to protect us, than to trust individuals with possible self-aggrandizing motives?

Change the pattern
Even if we cannot change our physical environment, we can protect our physical being by following public health guidelines. Importantly, we can also change our thought patterns.
Spiritual decluttering
Spiritual decluttering
January 5, 2022

Spiritual decluttering is a process that enables us to think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and even to sleep better.

Who doesn't want a more restful sleep?!
Retrain your brain
Retrain your brain
January 04, 2022

The brain is the soul's wheelhouse during physical incarnation. Our oft-repeated thoughts and reactions to our life experiences imprint on the brain, quickly forming neural pathways.

If you’ve ever tried (but failed) to stop from having a thought, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the pathways can seem impossible to resist.

It's not impossible though. We can retrain our brain.

We have the power to change our thoughts.
New Year's resolutions
New Year's Resolutions
January 01, 2022

Ever made a New Year’s Resolution and promptly given up on it the very next time you’re triggered? ... And then condemned yourself?

One of the mot-often-repeated resolutions is "I'm going to quit (insert any addiction or negative behaviour), and I'm never going to do it again." You may have noticed already though... changing a harmful habit needs more than that.

Our thought patterns drive our behaviours, and just saying, “I’m not going to {fill in the blank} anymore” doesn`t really change anything at all. Until we actively change our thoughts, our behaviours cannot, and will not, change. Such profound change requires profound self-work aimed at learning why certain people, places or things trigger us. Sorry to say, there is no quick way to do this. The work must begin with accepting that we don`t have to be a victim of our thoughts, because we have the power to change them by coming to peace with our past.
Forgiveness ... a real thing
June 01, 2021

With tears in their eyes, fully-grown adults tell me how their parents or siblings hurt them when they were very young - and it literally sounds as if it just happened yesterday.

Nope, emotional wounds don’t heal without the conscious act of forgiveness.

Check out the Forgiveness exercises.
July 1, 2021

It is not what we fear, but that we allow fear to stop us from doing what we want (or need) to do.

There are many types of fear, and if we let it, fear will control our lives and prevent us from meeting our full potential.

Visit Wikihow and Learn 3 ways to stop living in fear.
Mental telepathy
Mental telepathy
August 01, 2021

Is mental telepathy between people possible?
Telepathy at this point in human development is pretty much a non-starter. We don't even hear our own thoughts most of the time, so how could we possibly discern someone else's thoughts mixed in with ours? Of course our guides communicate with us telepathically, and do give us limited information about others (for example between mother and child or other close, intimate relationships), but 'the voice' is usually attributed to one's intuition or similar. We assume or believe that 'the voice' only comes at times of extreme urgency or importance.
Re Akashic records... The universe has sent information through me that is from the records, but i am not one who actually sees the records or goes to what Edgar Cayce called "the hall of records". For me, if someone asks me a direct question, the universe will provide the answer. Also, if someone is asking a question (in their thoughts), my guide has sent the info through me to share aloud. I remember once my girlfriend had a friend who seriously did not believe in God or a higher intelligence or anything like that. The first time we met (ever), I asked him, "Who is Esmeralda?" His jaw dropped open and he said, That's my mother's name!". The best part was that he had not yet told my girlfriend anything about his family. He was from out of town and knew literally no one here. This gave him something to ponder, for sure.

Whether we ourselves can access the records or it is our guides giving us the required or requested information, depends on what is needed for us at our particular stage of development. I've known one person who was able to go to the Hall of Records, so there is at least one other person besides Edgar Cayce who had that ability. There must be others, but my there is that same old issue with Truth. If we don't do the work to purify our thoughts and motives, the information we bring can be tainted with our own issues or beliefs.

Besides, at this point in human evolution we hardly even hear our own thoughts, never mind someone else's. Learn to connect with your guide.
Motivate yourself
Motivate yourself
September 1, 2021

Wayne Dyer said “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.”

Now that's free will.

If you're feeling motivated to change but not sure what to do, start here.
Spiritual word search puzzle
Spiritual word search puzzle
October 1, 2021

Check out this spiritual word search puzzle. Free to download and print - yes, print. Use it to get to know some of the words described in Section 6.
Spiritual bingo card 01
Spiritual bingo card 1
November 01, 2021

Check out this handy bingo card. Free to download and print - yes print. It lists positive actions and affirmations to help ourselves and others.
Spiritual bingo card 02
Spiritual bingo card 2
December 1, 2021

Check out this handy bingo card. Free to download and print - yes print. It lists excuses we may use to justify abandoning a person or a situation. How many times per day do you hear yourself think or say these phrases?

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