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Section 11 - The path

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Walking the path
      Figure 22: No one can push us up a ladder
What are the planes of existence?
The journey
The chakras, cusps and transitions
     Figure 23: The dimensions, chakras and cusps
Freedom to choose
The process of entering life in physical
Declaration of Universal citizenship
     Figure 24: This vast universe

Walking the path of spiritual development is similar to climbing a ladder, the rungs of which are the chakras. Free will factors into our progression, since we choose whether and when to ascend. As we climb, we become more spiritually aware and able to feel greater peace, joy and unconditional love. Our physical needs come to feel less important. Time takes on new meaning as we gain understanding of the roles we have played in human history throughout our many incarnations.

Figure 22: No one can push us up a ladder; we must climb willingly

Figure 22: To climb or not to climb ... that is the question

Food for thought
No one can push us up a ladder; we must climb willingly.

Progression does not happen just because we desire it, or because we think we are ready for it. Rather, it is achieved gradually. We grow into more profound awareness by becoming adept at hearing our thoughts, as we think them. This helps us to reduce and refine our negative thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires. This website has set out the procedures - the path - for doing so.

What are the planes of existence?

The spiritual and physical planes of existence are different types of reality. As souls in physical form, we live in both the spiritual and physical planes; we are subject to the laws governing each. Our soul is spirit; we have thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires which create our behavioural patterns. Our body is physical; we experience space and time, have needs, and suffer the effects of aging.

The spiritual plane
Just as there are dimensions of the physical plane of existence (space, time, etc.), so there are dimensions of the spiritual. There are eight dimensions of spiritual awareness which correspond with the chakras.

The soul has only one escape route from the physical earth plane - death of the physical body. There is no escape from the spiritual plane though, since we are spirit. We were created to go forth and experience, and then, eventually, to return Home.

Characteristics of the dimensions of spiritual awareness
There are certain characteristics associated with the dimensions, or levels, of spiritual awareness. The characteristics indicate our focus of care and interest, as well as the level at which we currently reside. We tend to become more open-minded and tolerant and less self-serving as we learn to accept and embrace the spiritual aspect of life.

First, second and third dimensions
In the first, second and third dimensions of spiritual awareness, we have thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires; we accept them as the only reality.

  • First corresponds to Root, Second corresponds to Sacral and Third to Solar plexus chakras
  • Basic awareness of self existing in the here and now
  • When in this phase, nothing short of spiritual dynamite (like near-death experiences, or profoundly traumatic or joyous events) may open the mind to new possibilities
  • The effects of the first cusp are felt as transition to Fourth dimension begins

Fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions
In the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions of spiritual awareness, we are awakening to the idea that our negative thoughts can be changed, that the behaviours created by them can be re-patterned, and that our physical condition is interwoven with our thoughts.

  • Fourth corresponds to Heart, Fifth corresponds to Throat and Sixth to Brow chakras
  • Growing awareness that our guide is giving us physical signals to help us learn to pay ever-closer attention to our thoughts
  • Growing awareness of self, our impact on others and our place in history
  • The effects of the second cusp are felt as transition to Seventh level begins

Seventh dimension
In the seventh dimension of spiritual awareness, we have very few negative thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires because they have been reduced and refined to the point that if they occur, they are recognized, understood and released almost instantly. Our negative behavioural patterns have been largely eradicated.

We are able to recognize old issues that may arise and we work diligently to understand them more fully. The Universe will use our past experiences to teach others, so we must be willing to share them. Doing so also helps to ease any physical signals our guides may have provided to draw our attention to the issue.

Brief instances of awareness of the Eighth dimension occur. You may find yourself wondering then, “What is this? What do I need to do to experience more of it?”

  • Applies to Crown chakra
  • It is easier to pay attention to our thoughts since they seem to have become almost audible
  • Sense of ego is diminishing

Eighth dimension
At humanity’s current stage of development, awareness of the Eighth dimension is possible to achieve only for fleeting moments during profoundly traumatic or joyous experiences. Maintaining it afterward is the challenge, due to our physical needs overtaking our conscious connection to Source. "I need" and "I want" trick us into thinking that our need or want is the only reality that counts. We get caught up in everyday concerns that take us out of observation mode.

Gradually working our way up to the eighth dimension of spiritual awareness though enables us to exist there - in observation mode - for gradually longer, more frequent, periods of time. This is a state in which we see what is happening around us without any thoughts of fixing or changing anyone or anything. We have become free of negative thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires, except in the case of extraordinary events in the physical plane. In such events, after observing, we seek, and follow, Universal guidance. Note that achieving this level of spiritual awareness is not a guarantee of freedom from future incarnations.

Developing the ability to maintain this state while going about the activities of daily life requires extreme dedication to building trust in, and obedience to, Universal guidance.

  • Applies to Zenith chakra
  • Also referred to as “divine consciousness”
  • Also referred to as “At-one-ment” by Edgar Cayce

The journey

Doing the work described in this website has taught you how to work consciously with the Universal Intelligence. You will have brought positive change into your life and begun to sense your soul’s potential. You will have gained at least Fourth dimension awareness. Further work is needed to continue resolving inner conflicts at an ever-deeper level, and refining and reducing your thoughts. After all, we are complex creatures, so there is always another level of self-understanding to be gained.

It may be challenging to release certain old beliefs or inappropriate attitudes, but we cannot move forward until we do - we will remain at our particular level of development. It is when we are stuck that we crave change of almost any sort - a new job, or mate, or home, or furniture, or whatever. We know within ourselves that something is needed - we just cannot quite put a name to it. It is then that we are presented with opportunities to advance.

Of course there are benefits to doing this work. By the time we reach the Seventh level of spiritual awareness, our overall health improves and we become less needful of others’ attention and approval. We have a better understanding of our true purpose for incarnating in this particular lifetime. Past life issues affecting us in this lifetime can be recognized and resolved. Heightened spiritual awareness brings recognition of our desire, and even a sense of responsibility, to be of service to the Universal Intelligence.

Gaining increased awareness does not release us from either the spiritual or the physical laws. It does not give us free license to leave our body and go exploring the universe. It is not necessary to take an oath of poverty either to advance spiritually, or to receive guidance.

The chakras, cusps and transitions

Certain attitudes, beliefs, characteristics and traits are common to each chakra, and we can use this information to identify our current level of spiritual awareness. As we progress through each level, our thoughts are gradually reduced and refined. Some might call this a purification process. The process enables us to embrace concepts that are gradually more concerned with unconditional love, and less with earthly needs and wants.

The chakras are energetic expressions of our current spiritual / emotional / physical state, emitted at our personal vibrational frequency. Figure 23 below lists the dimensions of the spiritual plane and the chakras with which they correspond, the spiritual quality each reflects, a key word association and a physical representation, and the two cusps with a key word to describe them:

Figure 23: The dimensions, chakras and cusps

Figure 23: The dimensions, chakras and cusps

The chakras

Which chakra’s traits resonate most with you? Read through the descriptions of the chakras and cusps below. It is recommended to be familiar with your habitual thoughts and beliefs, and to have developed a solid working relationship with your guide. Only complete honesty will enable us to gain a clear understanding of self and of the changes that we need to make. Ask your guide for the Universe’s input, because it is very easy to have an unrealistic opinion of self, for better or for worse. We are who we are, and hiding from the truth only serves to keep us stuck.

Root chakra beliefs and traits (First level)

  • No such thing as God. There is no intelligence higher than that of humans
  • We humans can do anything we want. We are in charge
  • No such thing as a soul. Humans are children of their parents
  • No such thing as spirituality
  • Spiritual awareness is a myth. Everyday consciousness is all that there is
  • Who cares what anyone else thinks

  • Evil entities exist, they are powerful and they are out to get us
  • Demons and curses cause negative life experiences like accidents, injuries and illness
  • No such thing as angels
  • There is only one life to live. No such thing as reincarnation or karma
  • Intense fear of change, or of anything that makes us question our beliefs
  • Tendency to prefer co-dependent or authoritarian relationships

  • Humans are members of separate tribes. The others want our stuff, so we must protect ourselves and our property. Never enough of anything
  • Tendency to squabble and live in chaos
  • Prefer one genre of music and one art form, if any. Others are disturbing, dangerous or just plain annoying
  • Tendency to feel persecuted if questioned about anything
  • Averse to seeking guidance from anyone about anything

Sacral chakra beliefs and traits (Second level)
  • If God exists, he does not talk to us
  • We humans can do anything we want. We are in charge
  • No such thing as a soul - humans are children of their parents
  • No spiritual meaning in anything, except maybe angels and demons
  • No such thing as spiritual development or dimensional awareness
  • Comforting to convince others that evil entities exist

  • We are powerless against evil
  • If God exists, he would not all accidents, injuries and illness to happen
  • Angels are real but no longer help humanity
  • Reincarnation and karma trick us into thinking we can be irresponsible
  • Becoming able to accept that others’ beliefs are not a threat to ours
  • Easily controlled by anyone whose approval we crave

  • Our group is superior so we are entitled to control others. They probably want our stuff, so we must protect ourselves and our property
  • Tendency to rely on violence to teach discipline and/or to solve issues
  • Prefer one or two genres of music. Some art forms are okay
  • Tendency to feel threatened by questions from others
  • Uncomfortable if others find out that we do not already know something

Solar plexus chakra beliefs and traits (Third level)
  • God created heaven and hell and everything therein. Good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell
  • We have free will. It is ours to do with as we please
  • Souls are created when human babies are born. Our parents create us
  • Maybe there is something to spirituality. Traumatic or joyous events open the mind
  • Maybe there is more to life than we think
  • Enjoy discussing spiritual matters with like-minded people only. Unable to accept disagreement

  • Performing certain rituals can protect us from evil and from the ill wishes of others
  • We are not responsible for accidents, injuries and illness and we have no control over them
  • Angels are real, but they do not always protect us from evil
  • Reincarnation and karma may be possible
  • Learning that diversity enriches us all
  • Growing self-confidence yet still seeking approval from authority figures

  • God favours our group over all others
  • Learning that chaos and violence prevent progress
  • Becoming able to appreciate many genres of music, although some are still disturbing. Other art forms are just entertainment
  • Tendency to feel challenged by questions from others
  • Comfortable asking others for guidance

Heart chakra beliefs and traits (Fourth level)
  • There is more to the universe than we currently know
  • We have been given the gift of free will. It is ours to do with as we please
  • Souls are created when human babies are born. Our parents create us
  • Near-death experiences or traumatic or joyous events make us curious about spiritualty
  • Becoming able to connect with others on a deeper level than we ever thought possible
  • Enjoy discussing spiritual matters and eager to learn more

  • Evil entities hurt us and make us hurt others
  • Accidents, injuries and illness are just a part of life
  • Angels are real and they can help us if we are good
  • Reincarnation is a possibility, but we choose whether, when and into which family to enter
  • It physically feels better to be kind than cruel
  • Becoming more able to work either alone or with others

  • Becoming open to the idea that the human race is indeed just one race, and all are entitled to basic human rights
  • Learning to approach daily life with optimism rather than dread
  • Enjoying most genres of music and some other art forms, and finding that some seem to have a deeper meaning
  • We cannot grow without communication
  • Guided by our higher self and maybe our deceased loved ones who watch over us and wait for us in heaven

Throat chakra beliefs and traits (Fifth level)
  • A higher intelligence must have created the universe and everything in it
  • Our free will is permanent and unchangeable. We are free to do as we please
  • We each have a soul that pre-exists humanity and we are all imbued with Spirit
  • Open to exploring spiritual matters
  • Showing others we are spiritually advanced by wearing certain clothes, eating (or avoiding) certain foods or praying in public
  • Learning the importance of finding Universal Truth

  • Evil exists only in our negative thoughts
  • Accidents, injuries and illness probably do not just happen, but there is no way to prevent them
  • Wondering if we can communicate with our personal angel
  • Gaining a sense of at least one past life
  • Negative thoughts can enable unpleasant physical signals
  • Seeking mutually satisfying relationships. Will our loved ones recognize our improvements and join us?

  • Freedom of thought enables us to explore spirituality at our own pace and in our own way
  • Sharing our experiences of growth and improvement with others
  • Wanting to express self in new, positive ways
  • Developing stronger, more effective communication skills
  • Becoming willing and able to seek information from the Universe

Brow chakra beliefs and traits (Sixth level)
  • A higher intelligence created the universe and everything in it
  • Having free will may not be a permanent situation. Is it possible to “give it back”?
  • We each have a soul that pre-exists humanity and we are all imbued with Spirit
  • Things that used to entertain us may now seem boring or childish or barbaric
  • Having spiritual experiences like déjà vu, feeling as if we are not alone, recalling dreams
  • Learning to discern Universal Truth

  • Evil exists only in our negative thoughts and it is up to us to resist our baser urges
  • There may be a spiritual component to accidents, injuries and illness
  • Developing a working relationship with our guide
  • Reincarnation and karma help us to better understand human behaviour and experience
  • Starting to recognize just how negative our thoughts can be
  • Finding that we meet self in others, and using the information to improve ourselves

  • Starting to see the results of our efforts to heal our lives
  • Seeing that cooperation benefits everyone
  • Recognizing that we feel better when our thoughts are positive
  • Interested in hearing what others have to say. Sharing helps!
  • Recognizing that our “higher self” is a misnomer and guidance actually comes from the Universe

Crown chakra beliefs and traits (Seventh level)
  • A higher intelligence is the Source of all that was, is, and ever shall be
  • Free will has limits. We are not in charge of everything
  • All souls were created by the Universal Intelligence when this universe came into existence
  • Wanting to spend more time studying spiritual matters
  • We cannot judge others’ level of spiritual development
  • Only Universal Truth enables us to move forward spiritually

  • Evil exists only in our negative thoughts, and we can change our thoughts
  • Our thoughts create accidents, injuries and illness. Changing our thoughts changes our physical reality
  • Our guide ensures that we meet our required life lessons
  • Entering physical form places us in the cycle of reincarnation and karma
  • Positive thoughts enable pleasant physical signals
  • Seeing that we are all here to learn from, and teach, one another
  • We must do what is right for us

  • Clarity of thought makes it easier to recognize our relationship with the Universal Intelligence
  • Learning that whatever we give comes back to us
  • We feel better when our thoughts are relatively clear. It is getting easier to clearly express our innermost thoughts
  • Comfortable with waiting to speak until invited to do so
  • Finding that free will can get in the way of receiving clear guidance

Zenith chakra beliefs and traits (Eighth level)
  • We are all one with the Universal Intelligence
  • Surrendering free will enables us to serve God in the best way possible
  • All souls are in varying stages of development and Planet Earth is a vast place of learning
  • Seeking profound enlightenment. Love seeks understanding
  • Personality traits diminish and vibrational frequency rises as thoughts are reduced and refined
  • Universal Truth is the way, the truth and the life

  • Reducing and refining our thoughts enables us to resist negative intentions
  • Our thoughts emanate from us; our body responds to them, and they attract certain experiences
  • Our guide works with us to achieve our soul’s purpose
  • Aiming to be karma-neutral
  • Trusting that the Universe will let us know if something is required of us
  • The Universal Intelligence responds to our learning requirements

  • Rising desire to serve humanity by serving God. All that is required will be provided
  • Working toward clarity of thought and inner peace
  • Vibrational frequency stabilizes and enables us to endure trauma and chaos without concern
  • At peace while waiting for answers
  • The Universe, via our guide, provides the information we need

The cusps

The cusps are intervals in which the thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires of the previous levels are further refined and reduced before advancing. Our guide attunes our vibrational frequency to the new equilibriums accordingly.

First cusp (between Third and Fourth levels)

  • Effects of the transition begin to be felt upon ascension to Heart chakra
  • Sensing that there may be more to experience in life beyond our physical senses

  • Growing curiosity about spiritual matters but relying on others to confirm truth
  • Changes in digestive, reproductive, heart, lung and circulation systems are being felt
  • Maybe, just maybe, we have a soul that exists even if we are not in human form
  • Feeling that there is much more to the universe than our five senses can tell us
  • Belief that those who are more advanced are responsible for making others move forward
  • Becoming more curious about spiritual matters and how they might affect humanity

  • Sensing that ‘evil’ is a misunderstood concept
  • Is there something we can do to prevent accidents, injuries and illness?
  • Everyone has a personal guide
  • Open to learning more, yet disappointed with self for not already knowing
  • Noticing that physical signals seem to happen for no apparent reason
  • Co-dependent relationships are disintegrating. Our loved ones may try to pull us back into their reality

  • We are all spiritual beings in human form, at differing levels of spiritual awareness
  • Striving to develop new coping skills and strategies
  • Able to enjoy many forms of expressions of the human condition
  • Learning to ask meaningful questions and listen for answers
  • Learning that guidance is always available from the Universe

Second cusp (between Sixth and Seventh levels)
  • Effects of the transition begin to be felt upon ascension to Crown chakra
  • Increasing sense that we are on the verge of profound enlightenment

  • Rising awareness of our personal connection with the Universal Intelligence
  • Free will gets in the way of finding the Truth of how we can best serve God
  • All souls are an expression of the Universal Intelligence
  • Decreasing interest in matters over which we have no control
  • General mood tends to be level. Feeling pleasure in life, without wild mood swings
  • Relying less on others and more on our guide to provide Universal Truth

  • The Universal Intelligence responds to our desire to improve our thoughts
  • Physical signals help us recognize and change our thoughts
  • Our guide responds to our thoughts and desires
  • Holding onto regret s keeps us stuck in a loop of reincarnation and karma
  • More emphasis on refining our thoughts. Physical signals are also being refined
  • More emphasis on building a relationship with our guide. Knowing we must each walk our own path

  • Seeing that we are each unique yet connected
  • Striving toward further resolution, reduction and refinement of chaotic thoughts and inner conflicts
  • Reducing and refining our thoughts raises our vibrational frequency
  • Striving to gain deeper understanding
  • Seeing the wisdom of following guidance

The transitions

As we progress through awareness of each level and each cusp, we find that transitions can be challenging and unpredictable; they can be painful, tumultuous, traumatic and exhilarating, all at the same time.

  • Can be triggered by remarkable life events that awaken our minds to the possibility of a larger, more meaningful reality
  • Can occur at any time throughout our lives, but often occur as we move through stages of physical development. We choose whether to pay attention to the clues for further development provided by our guides
  • The lure of preceding levels can be strong, and we are likely to take two steps forward and one step back until we are firmly established in the new level
  • Cheating our way into the next level is not possible because the guides hear our every thought
  • Our guides do not advance us to the next phase of development until we are fully attuned to the current one according to our progress toward thought refinement and reduction

Transition to zenith dimension
  • As we move into awareness of this level, we find that our sense of reality is changing. This is due to the refinement and reduction of our thoughts, which enables us to literally see and feel chaos leaving us, and peace and calm becoming more easily sustained
  • Since our early, developmental years are spent in other levels, we have gained first-hand experience of what it means to live within the spiritual limitations imposed by life in physical form. Those in this transition are permitted to communicate in their old habitual ways without risk of slipping backward, to allow for more meaningful communication with others
  • Relationships that worked for us in the past have been left behind because we no longer need anyone’s approval or permission in order to thrive spiritually. We no longer seek recognition for our efforts
  • This transition is marked by new dental, hearing, sinus, vision, or concentration changes, and occasional headaches or dizziness are possible. Longer periods of sleep may become necessary
  • Changes in short term memory result from reduction of obsessive thoughts about the past

Freedom to choose

Every day, we make choices - dozens, or maybe even hundreds of them. We are free to choose what to think, feel, express, do, believe, and desire, without being judged, criticised, condemned or controlled by the Universe or our guide. There is a cost for making all these decisions though. Every moment not spent pondering options, is a missed opportunity to seek guidance. Are we making the best choice possible? Are we aware of all of the options open to us, and have we considered each of them? Have we pondered their potential outcomes? We may not be able to recognize all of the options, but the Universe does. Our guide knows exactly what we need to be doing, and when and where we need to be in any given moment. We spend our lives making best guesses and often end up in serious trouble because of unforeseen outcomes. Our lives could be so much simpler, were we to seek, and follow, Universal guidance. Conditions for all life forms on planet earth, and even for the planet itself, could be vastly improved.

Surrendering free will

We have two options to consider after our thoughts have been reduced and refined and our behaviours re-patterned. We can choose to stay where we are, or we can choose to surrender our free will. Staying where we are means that we will be happy and healthy, and we will treat others as we would like to be treated. We will have a good working relationship with our guide and with the Universal Intelligence.

Surrendering free will initiates a whole new level of learning. It requires that we seek guidance from the Universal Intelligence via our guide when making decisions - any decisions. After we receive it, there is yet another choice to make: follow it, or do as we wish. After surrendering free will, each choice to do as we wish is considered to be “control”. The control is dealt with swiftly and appropriately, according to our current level of understanding, so as to enable us to remain true to our commitment.

We become accustomed to making snap decisions … what to wear, what to eat, which products to use, where to live, work and play - our choices are endless* . We make these decisions based on our life experiences, our beliefs and our desires. Take the example of choosing what to eat. We consider what we believe to be healthy, our desire (or lack thereof) to be healthy, whether we can afford to buy nutritious food, whether to allow ourselves the reward of eating well, or to punish ourselves by eating junk food or even withholding food entirely. All of these factors and more affect our decision. We have spent our lives making such decisions, so it takes time to unlearn the pattern of independence and replace it with seeking input from our guide. Complacency is an ever-present concern. If we slip into auto-pilot mode, we risk reverting to making snap decisions rather than seeking guidance. Our guide will step in and present us with a ‘wake-up’ challenge. Triggers will be presented to test us, in accordance with the spiritual Law of Free Will.

*My friend arrived home one day and debated where to park the car. A voice in her head said, “Let’s put it in the garage.” She considered for a moment and then decided to park on the front street instead. Within 15 minutes of going in the house, a thunderstorm arrived with heavy rain, strong winds and hail. Her vehicle suffered extensive damage and she was quite angry with herself for having ignored such good advice.

How do I do it?
Tell your guide that you wish to return the gift of free will. Saying the words out loud - preferably privately - establishes this commitment within your very being.

What happens then?
The process begins by asking for assistance. The words “Please guide me” or “What would you like me to do?” are effective because they are clear of judgment and control. Say the words aloud or in your thoughts and then listen for, and follow, instructions. Aim toward following guidance in all things, at all times.

Sounds simple enough, right? It is easy, but only until the Universe asks something of us that interferes with our wishes or beliefs. Then we start finding out how deeply entrenched our patterns have become.

Why follow guidance?
The benefits are multiple. Think about it: our guide knows where we need to be and when we need to be there. If our guide says, “Please leave now”, they mean it. By obeying, it becomes possible, depending on the required lessons, to avoid situations with negative consequences. We can miss getting stopped by a train that would make us late for an appointment, or we may avoid getting into an accident. It also becomes possible to arrive at the store in time to get that perfect parking spot, or to buy the last available sale item.

Most importantly, making this sacrifice lifts some of the restrictions placed on our guides by the spiritual laws, and enables them to work with us in a more collaborative way. In addition to communicating with us telepathically with words and/or symbols, the guides will also use physical signals to alert our attention to our unrecognized negative thoughts. This can be quite jarring at times; however, it is done to honour our request for guidance.

There is no way we will get it right 100 percent of the time. No way. The process of learning to seek and follow guidance is a gradual, on-going effort, enabling us to learn more about ourselves and even about human behaviour in general. The process develops our patience, tolerance, and trust and enables us to re-shape, old, negative behavioural patterns.

Special note
Surrendering our free will to the Universal Intelligence opens the door to a larger, more meaningful reality. Doing so enables our personal companion/teaching guide to work with us in ways that are, quite frankly, incredible. It is this gift of divine assistance that enables us to raise our consciousness to new levels, and helps us find our way home to Source.

Walking the walk
If this idea resonates within you, you may have followed this path in previous lifetimes. If you decide to undertake this journey, please contact me directly.

The process of entering life in physical

Soul groups wander the universe, exploring, experiencing, learning. They come upon planet earth and are drawn in by its beauty and by its inhabitants. They desire to experience physical existence here. Before doing so, classes, led by specially trained entities, are presented to prepare them for what is to come.

Souls are taught the meaning of, and consequences for, the following:

  • Free will and the other spiritual laws governing human life
  • The potential challenges posed by the cycle of reincarnation and karma
  • The veil placed on soul memory when incarnating and resulting loss of spiritual awareness, and the process of regaining same
  • The privacy envelope that will be placed around the soul’s physical form and thoughts

Required life experiences
Before entering physical form, each soul agrees to experience a program of required lessons over the course of many incarnations. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • wealth / poverty
  • privilege / slavery or servitude
  • being responsible for another / being reliant on another
  • war / peace
  • being a criminal / being a victim of crime
  • being famous / living life in obscurity
  • being spiritual / living life without spirituality

These experiences are provided so that we may learn our way back to Source. We cannot know where we are in the process until we are in spirit once again and awaiting incarnation into our next lifetime. Further preparatory classes are attended during intervals between incarnations.

Leaving a lifetime at a particular level of development is not a guarantee that we will enter our next incarnation at that level, or be any more or less likely to achieve that level again, or advance further; neither is it a limitation of our potential. Awakening depends on the life lessons presented in the current lifetime and our reactions to them. Achieving each level of spiritual self-awareness, and desiring the next, ensures presentation of the challenges of the next level.

Guides’ classes
If its charge has not yet experienced physical existence on Planet Earth, the guide is taught the parameters of, and limitations imposed by, the spiritual law of free will on communicating with its charge while in physical.


The students and their guides are energy, so no physical location is needed for the classes. The students observe humans, either as individuals or in groups, going about their daily lives. Their guides are permitted to communicate with the guides of those in physical to obtain answers for their charge’s questions. The information may be spoken aloud to illustrate the response in physical.

Declaration of Universal Citizenship

Figure 24: This vast universe...Milky Way , Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies

Figure 24: Local group and nearest galaxiesPhoto credit: Photo by Antonio Ciccolella - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

What, you ask, was the beginning of it all?
And it is this...
Existence that multiplied itself
for sheer delight of being
and plunged into numberless trillions of forms
so that it might find itself innumerably”
- Sri Aurobindo

Our spirit is of “That Which Has No Name”. As we travel throughout this spiritual and material universe over billions of years, we come to learn that we are its children. We are all connected through it. We are loved unconditionally, we are entitled to certain considerations, and there are certain limitations placed on us.


  • The Universal Intelligence is unconditionally loving, profoundly intelligent, responsive energy
  • The Universal Intelligence created each of us as a part of itself at the instant of the creation of this particular Universe
  • As children of the Universal Intelligence, we are loved unconditionally
  • The Universal Intelligence hears every thought

Be it understood that...

  • Souls who enter physical form ("travellers") have been endowed with free will
  • Souls who serve as personal companion/teacher guides abide by the will of the Universal Intelligence and the spiritual laws, and are each assigned to accompany one specific traveller
  • Travellers entering physical form are entitled to communication with their guide in every moment
  • Travellers' purpose is to go forth and learn, and, ultimately, to return to Source
  • One traveller is permitted to enter one physical form at a time, beginning approximately at physical birth of, and remaining approximately until physical death of, that physical form
  • There are required lessons for each soul's spiritual development on Planet Earth, and:
    • lessons will be presented during physical incarnations, and travellers will be tested relentlessly to ensure that lessons are learned
    • while in physical form, we cannot know our progress
  • Quantum entanglement ensures that travellers:
    • present one another with lessons
    • are given the opportunity to repay, or be repaid, spiritual debts. While in physical form, we cannot know whether we are creditor or debtor in any given situation

Traveller record
All details from each entire incarnation are added to traveller’s akashic record. This includes spiritual and physical reactions to experiences, improvements, failures, successes, karmic debt accrual and payment thereof, progression towards purity of thought, and much more. Traveller and its guide review and assess the record after each incarnation is complete and before the next begins.

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