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  • A Class Divided - a PBS Frontline presentation
    "The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, a teacher in a small town in Iowa tried a daring classroom experiment. She decided to treat children with blue eyes as superior to children with brown eyes. FRONTLINE explores what those children learned about discrimination and how it still affects them today."

  • All in the Family, a CBC Radio production about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's)
    "Cardio-vascular disease. Obesity. Alcoholism. Diabetes. These conditions may have one surprising factor in common: childhood trauma -- according to a massive study called "Adverse Childhood Experiences", or ACE... "

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

  • (Babbling friend?) 3 Ways to Be Friends With Someone Who Talks Too Much - wikiHow
    "If you have a chatty friend, you may notice yourself making statements like “Yea, but what I was trying to say earlier was…” quite often. This person may totally dominate your conversations and make it impossible to get a word in edgewise. A friend who talks too much can be a handful. But, you can learn to manage their chattiness, by using strategies to limit their talking and give yourself the opportunity to participate. In addition, it may be useful to tell your friend about their problem and set boundaries if they are not willing to change."

  • Childhood abuse linked to higher risk for high cholesterol as an adult in new research from SciTechDaily"
    "A new study discovered that risk factors for heart disease and stroke were higher among adults who said they experienced childhood abuse and varied by gender and race. However, those who described their family life as well-managed and had family members involved in their lives during childhood were less likely to have increased cardiovascular risk factors as adults, according to new research published today (April 27, 2022) in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access, peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association."

  • Does everyone have an inner monologue? | Live Science
    "Some people process thoughts and feelings differently. The "little voice in your head" can be your worst critic and greatest supporter. It's been known to help with directions, give advice, rehearse tough conversations and even remind you to put pesto on the grocery list. ..."

  • Genetic scars - a CBC News | Health presentation
    "Your life is leaving genetic scars that might show up in your child's genes: Growing evidence that life experience can be passed genetically from one generation to the next"

  • How to build your confidence - and spark it in others - a TED Talks presentation
    " 'Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows," says educator and activist Brittany Packnett. In an inspiring talk, she shares three ways to crack the code of confidence -- and her dream for a world where revolutionary confidence helps turn our most ambitious dreams into reality.' "

  • Pamela Meyer - Lie detector - a TED Talks presentation
    How to spot a liar: "Pamela Meyer thinks we’re facing a pandemic of deception, but she’s arming people with tools that can help take back the truth."

  • Restorative Justice
    "Restorative justice is an approach to justice in which the response to a crime is to organize a facilitated dialogue or meeting between the parties involved, including the victim and the offender, and sometimes with representatives of a wider community present as well. The goal is for the parties to share their experience of what happened, to discuss who was harmed by the crime and how, and to create a consensus for what the responsible party will do to repair the harm from the offense. This may include monetary restitution given from the offender to the victim, apologies and other amends, and other actions to make things as right as possible for those affected and to prevent the offender from causing future harm."

  • Smarty Plants - a PBS International presentation
    A luscious exploration of the natural world, Smarty Plants effortlessly integrates hard core science with a lighthearted look at how plants behave, revealing a world where plants are as busy, responsive, and complex as we are. From the stunning heights of the Great Basin Desert to the lush coastal rainforests of west Canada, lead scientist JC Cahill takes us on a journey into the real “secret world of plants,” revealing an astonishing landscape where plants eavesdrop on each other, talk to their allies, call in insect mercenaries, and nurture their young. A world of pulsing activity where plants communicate, co-operate, and sometimes wage all-out war. So come along for the ride and discover that plants are a lot less passive and a lot more intelligent than you think!

  • Is it a spiritual experience or mental illness? - A CBC Radio presentation
    "Shawn Lucas calls it a transcendental assessment tool. Lucas is the manager of Spiritual Care at CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. The new comparison tool is designed to help clinicians answer a difficult question: What is a spiritual experience … and what's mental illness? "We're hoping this tool will help … to differentiate between what is a delusion as part of psychosis and what might also be part of a transcendent experience, or what William James called a mystical experience." - Shawn Lucas, manager of Spiritual Care at Toronto's CAMH"

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