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Section 4-2 - Spiritual meaning of the Colours

The guides often show us colours in meditation and dreams, as well as in everyday life. As always, we must ask our own guide for their intended meaning for us.

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Colour Name Clear and brightMuddy or washed out
 Red State of peace/harmony Difficulty expressing strong emotions
 Orange Drawing energy from unconditional love Fear that one is unsupported
Clarity Confusion. Fear or distrust
 Gold Highest spiritual attainment Dishonourable intentions
 Brown Comfort Emotional wound needs healing
Joy Envy, greed, jealousy
 Green Growth, health, healing Healing is needed
 Teal or Turquoise Enlightenment Stale belief needs updating
The search for Universal Truth Avoiding looking at a painful truth
A Universal Truth has been learnedBelief based in untruth
Able to love despite flaws Holding grudges
A difficult issue has been resolvedMore questions are needed
The unconscious. New possibilities Fear
  Gray Balance Inner conflict
Our connection with Source Ego, trying to do everything alone
Striving for purity of thought Self-righteousness

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