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Section 4-2 - Spiritual meaning of the Colours

The guides often show us colours in meditation and dreams, as well as in everyday life. As usual, we must ask our own guide to find the Universal Truth about the colours that are shown.

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Quality of the colour
  • If muddy or washed out, ask your guide which colours are in the mix. For example, brown can be a combination of green and red. In such a case, the message could be something like; "An emotional wound has created anger or resentment and healing is required". See forgiveness
  • If clear and bright, then the message might be a positive one, but still needs to be fully understood

Positive: State of peace/harmony
Negative: Dislike of expressing strong emotions
Positive: Drawing energy from unconditional love to work
Negative: Fear that one is unsupported
Positive: Clarity
Negative: Confused about something. Fear or distrust
Positive: Aiming for highest spiritual attainment
Negative: Dishonourable intentions
Positive: A new Universal Truth has been gained
Negative: An emotional wound needs to be healed / resolved
Positive: Joy
Negative: Envy, greed, jealousy
Positive: Growth, health, healing
Negative: Healing is needed
Positive: Enlightenment
Negative: Stale belief system. Fear that we may sound silly
Positive: The search for Universal Truth
Negative: Avoiding looking at a painful truth
Positive: A new Universal Truth has been gained
Negative: Belief that is based in untruth
Positive: Able to love despite flaws
Negative: Holding grudges
Positive: Understanding of a difficult issue has been gained
Negative: More questions are needed
Positive: The unconscious, the unknown. New learning awaits
Negative: Fear
Positive: Balance
Negative: Inner conflict
Positive: Our connection with Source - the silver thread
Negative: Ego, trying to do everything alone, unassisted
Positive: Striving for purity of thought and motivation
Negative: Self-righteousness

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