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Section 4 - More about meditation

Section 4 is divided into four areas:

Section 4-1 - Ground rules for interpreting Universal communications
Here you will find more in-depth information about Going Home. Learn how the guides communicate with us, the importance of asking questions of our guide, and tools to find the spiritual meaning of our dreams and meditation sessions.

Section 4-2 - Spiritual meaning of colours
The guides often show us colours in meditation and dreams, as well as in everyday life. This section provides a starting point for interpreting several colours.

Section 4-3 - Spiritual meaning of numbers
Do you have a favourite number? Do you know what it represents? Do you often see a number repeating in your everyday experiences? This section provides a starting point for interpreting the numbers zero through 38.

Section 4-4 - Spiritual meaning of symbols
The guides often use the universal language of symbolism to communicate with us in dreams and meditation, and also in everyday life. The interpretations provided in this section are suggestions only and questions must be asked of your own guide to find their intended meaning.

Food for thought
One of the best ways to learn about ourselves is to meditate, and the
best way to learn how to meditate is to practice, practice, practice.

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