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Change the negative thoughts holding you back from achieving greatness.
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This website teaches how to bring profound, lasting change into our lives by learning new information, new skills and a new way of looking at life.

About spiritual awareness
     Figure 01: Ripples
     Figure 02: Components of our spiritual diet
     Audio file: Holding Hands Wellness Australia and Our Spiritual Nutrition discuss...
The power of thought
    Figure 03: Thought manifesting in matter produces physical life

Section 1 - The first step

Find out why our thoughts matter and how to start identifying negative thought patterns

Does it really matter what we think?
     Figure 04: We all think, all the time
What are 'thoughts' anyways?
What do you think?
Negative thought? Who, me?
     Table 01: This phrase is this thought pattern
Steps in becoming spiritually aware
     Figure 05: Steps in becoming spiritually aware
Spiritual decluttering
     Resolve, Refine, Reduce
     Figure 06: Resolve, Refine, Reduce
     Resolve inner conflicts
Next Steps

Section 2 - Changing our automatic responses

Learn about inner child work, which is the foundation of building a working relationship between you and your spiritual guide

Order from chaos
     Figure 07: Chaotic thoughts, attitudes and emotions
     Automatic responses
     Build a relationship with your Inner Child
     Build a relationship with your Guide
The process of inner child work
     Figure 08: The process of inner child work
     TED Talks presentation - by Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris
About belief systems
     Figure 09: Inner child work fits all my pieces together
Next step

Section 3 - A new form of meditation

Practice makes progress

Going home means getting centred
     Figure 10 “Going Home” is two-way communication
What makes this technique different?
What are the goals?
     Table 02: Reduce negative thoughts and increase positive thoughts
How to Go Home (meditate)
     Exercise 1
          Figure 11: About meditation
          Figure 12: Have a notepad nearby
          Figure 13: Use a dictionary
     Exercise 2
          Figure 14: Buddha listening
Next steps

Section 4 - How to interpret Universal communications

   Section 4-1 - Ground rules for interpreting Universal communications

   Meditation and dreams
   How the guides communicate with us
        Figure 15: What our thoughts can sound like
        Figure 16: Dream and meditation symbols
        Other methods the guides may use to communicate with us
   How can I be sure I'm receiving Universal Truth?
   Stumbling blocks
   Ask questions
        Figure 17: Guidelines for asking questions
        Sample questions
        Be alert
        Meditation and the fine art of asking questions
        Figure 18: Epiphany
   Next steps

   Section 4-2 - Spiritual meaning of the colours
   Suggested interpretations for the colours
        Figure 19: Spiritual meaning of the colours

   Section 4-3 - Spiritual meaning of the numbers
   Spiritual meaning of the numbers
        Figure 20: Spiritual meaning of the numbers
   Suggested interpretations for the numbers

   Section 4-4 - Spiritual meaning of symbols
   The symbols
   Suggested interpretations for the symbols

Section 5 - Physical conditions and their spiritual components

Most popular! Find out what's making us sick

Conditions with their spiritual components
     Table 03: The fingers and their spiritual aspect
     Table 04: Neck: Cervical vertebrae
     Figure 21: The individual teeth
     Table 05: The individual teeth and their spiritual aspect
     Table 06: The Individual toes
     Table 07: The vertebrae and their spiritual aspect
See list of conditions

Section 6 - Spiritual glossary

Find out what our thoughts actually mean

Terms and their spiritual aspect
See list of terms

Section 7 - Frequently asked spiritual questions

Are our beliefs based in universal truth? Compare with these Q&A's

The questions
The answers
     Table 08: The chakras and their spiritual aspect

Section 8 - Spiritual questionnaire - download

Section 9 - Spiritual exercises

How-to exercises for spiritual decluttering

Apologizing and releasing guilt
How to raise self-esteem
How to stop sniping
How to build tolerance
How to stop worrying

Section 10 - External resources

Section 11 - The path

Who are we? Why are we here? How did we get here?

Walking the path
     Figure 22: No one can push us up a ladder
What are the planes of existence?
The journey
The chakras, cusps and transitions
     Figure 23: The dimensions, chakras and cusps
Freedom to choose
The process of entering life in physical
Declaration of Universal citizenship
     Figure 24: This vast universe

Section 12 - Passages

Check out these passages that give the practical side of changing our thoughts

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