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This website presents the process by which to become spiritually self-aware.
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Home - Introduction
   About spiritual awareness
                   Figure 01: Thought manifesting in matter produces physical life

Section 1 - The first step
   What do you think?
   What can be done?
                   Figure 02: Components of our spiritual nutrition
   Steps in becoming spiritually self-aware
                   Figure 03: Steps in becoming spiritually self-aware
   Does it really matter what I think?
                   Figure 04: We all think, all the time
   What are 'thoughts' anyways?
                   Figure 05: Thoughts are the great builder
   Negative thoughts harm us
   Pay attention to our thoughts
                   Figure 06: Common phrases and the thought pattern they express
   Acknowledge negative thoughts
   Order from chaos
                    Figure 07: We cannot feel calm if our thoughts are in chaos
   Resolve, Refine, Reduce - new information
                    Figure 07-a: Resolve, Refine, Reduce
   Next steps

Section 2 - Changing our automatic responses
   Build a relationship with our Inner Child
   Build a relationship with our Guide
   The process of inner child work
                   Figure 08: The process of inner child work
   About belief systems
                   Figure 09: Negative messages are harmful
                   Figure 10: Inner child work fits all my pieces together
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Section 3 - A new form of meditation
   A new form of meditation
                    Figure 11: Meditation is two-way communication
       What makes this technique different?
       What are the goals?
                    Table 01: Reduce negative thoughts and increase positive thoughts
       What is needed to do it?
       What about protection from negative energies?
   How to meditate
       Get centred
                    Figure 12: About meditation
       What can happen when I am centred?
       How long should a session last
       How often, and how many times per day, should this be done?
       What does meditation sound like?
   Meditation - Exercise 1
   Meditation - Exercise 2
                    Figure 13: Buddha listening
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Section 4 - How to interpret Universal communications
   Section 4-1 - Ground rules for interpreting Universal communications
       Meditation and dreams
                   Figure 14: What our thoughts can sound like
       How the guides communicate with us
                   Figure 15: Have a notepad nearby
                    Figure 16: Use a dictionary
                   Figure 17: Dream and meditation symbols
       How can I be sure I'm receiving Universal Truth?
       Stumbling block
                   Figure 18: Guidelines for asking questions
       Ask questions
       Be alert
       Meditation and the fine art of asking questions
                    Figure 19: Epiphany
       Next step

   Section 4-2 - Spiritual meaning of the colours
                    Figure 20: Spiritual meaning of the colours

   Section 4-3 - Spiritual meaning of the numbers
                    Figure 21: Numerical value of letters of the English alphabet

   Section 4-4 - Spiritual meaning of symbols

Section 5 - Physical conditions and their spiritual components
   The conditions
                    Figure 22: The individual teeth
   Full list of conditions

Section 6 - Spiritual glossary
   The terms
   Full list of terms

Section 7 - Frequently asked spiritual questions
   The questions
   The answers
                    Figure 23: The chakras

Section 8 - Spiritual questionnaire - download

Section 9 - Spiritual exercises
   Apologizing and releasing guilt
   How to raise self-esteem
   How to stop sniping
   How to build tolerance
   How to stop worrying

Section 10 - Resources (external links)

Section 11 - The path
   Walking the path
                    Figure 24: No one can push us up a ladder
   What are the planes of existence?
   The journey
   The chakras, cusps and transitions
                    Figure 25a: The dimensions, chakras and cusps
                    Figure 25b: Focus, key word association and physical representation of the chakras
   Freedom to choose
   The process of entering life in physical
   Universal declaration of spiritual citizenship
                    Figure 26: This vast universe

Section 12 - Special features - (this page takes a few second to load)
   Famous people deaths
   In the future...
   The view from above
   Visitor map
   Word search puzzle

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