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Section 4-3 - Spiritual meaning of the Numbers
As always, be sure to ask your guide for the Universe's intended message for you.
Do you have a favourite number? Do you know what it means? Do you ever see a number repeating in your everyday experiences? Numerology is the study of the spiritual relationship between numbers and events in our lives. The guides use numbers to draw our attention to unrecognized issues, or to give us positive or negative feedback. If more than one digit is shown, ask your guide if the number needs to be reduced to one digit to find the required message. If it does not, then look at the meaning of each digit individually.

Find your Life Path number from your birth date. Let's use December 31, 2017 as an example:
Month: 12 (December): (1 + 2) = 3
Day: 31: (3 + 1) = 4
Year: 2017: (2 + 0 + 1 + 7) = 10 = 1
This reduces as 3 + 4 + 1 = 8

In numerology, a numerical value is also assigned to the letters of the alphabet. The theory is that each letter, by virtue of the number it represents, has a specific vibrational_frequency.

Here is the numerical value of the English alphabet letters:
a = 1 b = 2 c = 3 d = 4 e = 5 f = 6 g = 7 h = 8i = 9
j = 10k = 11l = 12m = 13n = 14o = 15p = 16 q = 17r = 18
s = 19t = 20u = 21v = 22w = 23x = 24y = 25z = 26  

Here is the method of calculating a Destiny number from a full name:


Suggested interpretations for the numbers zero (0) through thirty eight (38) are listed below (not intended as a full numerological reading):

NumberSpiritual meaning
Zero (0)
Positive: A time for patience, to look within, rest, rejuvenate, meditate
Negative: Stagnation. Stuck. Unable or unwilling to seek guidance or take action
One (1)
Positive: The beginning of a new cycle
Negative: What is needed before it can begin? Trying to do something alone, unassisted (
Two (2)
Positive: Able and willing to give and receive information
Negative: Could indicate a
co-dependent relationship or indecisiveness
Three (3)
Positive: Unity of mind, body, spirit
Negative: Conflict and disagreement
Four (4)
Positive: Able and willing to do whatever is required to get the job done
Negative: Laziness. More effort is required
Five (5)
Positive: Where has change been accomplished?
Negative: Unable or unwilling to allow change, or to allow that change is required within self
Six (6)
Positive: Seek and ye shall find. Deal with a difficult issue in a positive way
Negative: Something that has been learned now requires deeper understanding. More questions are needed
Seven (7)
Positive: Curiosity. The search for spiritual understanding about personal experiences
Negative: Can show that solitude is required, for it can be somewhat difficult to carry a train of thought through to conclusion when there are constant interruptions
Eight (8)
Positive: Our interconnectedness with the Universal Intelligence. We are never alone
Negative: Feeling
abandoned or betrayed
Nine (9)
Positive: A positive family pattern. Are we teaching it to others?
Negative: A negative family pattern. Are we teaching it to others?
Ten (10)
Positive: Completion of a stage, a cycle or a project, or a new cycle of learning is about to begin
Negative: Can show an inability or unwillingness to bring a project through to completion (
fear of failure/success)
Eleven (11)
Positive: A doorway. New possibilities or opportunities are now available
Negative: Who or what is being left behind? Is there
guilt or remorse?
Twelve (12)
Positive: Able to give without expectations
Greed, jealousy
Thirteen (13)
Positive: Able to settle differences fairly. Able to forgive without expectations
Resentment, revenge, unforgiveness
Fourteen (14)
Positive: Productive
Negative: Destructive
Fifteen (15)
Positive: Seeking Universal truth and understanding
Sixteen (16)
Positive: Ability to see beyond self
Seventeen (17)
Guiding Principle
Positive: Able to seek guidance without fear of losing self
Negative: Unable to ask for guidance, believing that self knows best
Eighteen (18)
Positive: Belief systems founded in Universal Truth and unconditional love
Negative: Incorrect, unhealthy belief systems
Nineteen (19)
Positive: Able to share knowledge and to acknowledge one's shortcomings
Negative: Always concerned about being replaced (
Twenty (20)
Positive: Willing and able to work hard to attain one’s goals
Negative: Unwilling or unable to put in too much effort (see
passive/aggressive disorder
Twenty one (21)
Positive: Treating self and others fairly, with respect
Negative: Holding double standards.
Twenty two (22)
Positive: Keeping on, in spite of obstacles
Negative: Giving up at the first sign of trouble
Twenty three (23)
Positive: Time for a big change - in self, in belief systems, in behaviours
Negative: Resistance
Twenty four (24)
Positive: Following one’s higher motivations
Negative: Resistance to following a higher path. Copping out
Twenty five (25)
Positive: Willing
Negative: Unwilling
Twenty six (26)
Positive: Need to change a liability into an asset
Negative: Believing that change is not possible
Twenty seven (27)
Positive: Willing to do whatever it takes to make a fair and equitable peace
Negative: Unwilling to give an inch
Twenty eight (28)
Positive: Able and willing to look for the silver lining
Twenty nine (29)
Positive: An opportunity now exists to make a positive step forward
Negative: Easier to just do things the same old way
Thirty (30)
Positive: Seeing new possibilities where there were none
Negative: Resistance
Thirty one (31)
Positive: Seeking guidance as to the best course of action and following it
Negative: Unwilling to follow it, thinking our own way must be easier or better
Thirty two (32)
Positive: Consider all possibilities
Negative: Unable or unwilling to look beyond the easy way out
Thirty three (33)
Positive: Able to think clearly, yet able to feel the emotions of a situation
Negative: Unable or unwilling to feel emotions
Thirty four (34)
Positive: Appreciate periods of inactivity
Negative: Unable or unwilling to relax
Thirty five  (35)
Positive: Agreement without anger can open the door to new possibilities
Negative: Agreement with unspoken needs or desires creates a peace that cannot last
Thirty six (36)
Positive: Able and willing to give and take fairly
Negative: Only willing to give, or only willing to receive
Thirty seven (37)
Positive: Knowing that the next step will be revealed in time
Negative: Unable to trust that the Universal Intelligence will provide whatever information is needed to help us move forward spiritually
Thirty eight (38)
Positive: Able and willing to change and grow
Negative: Stuck and unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Wanting everyone else to change

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